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Sadaqah Jariyah: Charity In Islam

Islam teaches us that there are many ways to give and be rewarding. One method is through sadaqah jariyah, an act of charity that gives back regardless of the amount that has been awarded. Plant seeds to make trees. When they mature, they will shade you during hot days and keep you warm through winter. Your good deeds don’t end at that point. The fruits they produce will continue to supply nourishment for a long time.

Jariyah means charity Jariyah means charity in Arabic. There are many kinds of jiraiya’s one can contribute to, and we’ve picked five examples to illustrate the ways you can participate in this kind of giving and hopefully inspire yourself with these ideas to continue helping other people with sadaqah.

The process of sponsoring a child or orphan

There are millions of kids around the world that have been denied an education , and more that are missing out on the essentials needed for success. This is unfortunate since those children will never understand the value of education. We can help them realize their dreams by providing excellent early childhood development programs which will provide essential foundations for developing an understanding of other perspectives and how they are respected.

It is essential that we all work together so that the generations to come are better off than those of us present day.

It is often overlooked that people can make a difference in their future. It can be a huge factor in the future success of many families and individuals. A child’s sponsorship ensures they are able to access education and acquire the abilities needed to succeed in their chosen field. This means that your sponsorship impact far greater than those who qualify for help through the Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education / Skills / Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam

Islam is a faith which rewards knowledge spreaders. As Muslims are, we must take the responsibility to help humanity and encourage people to join this faith by providing correct information about it so they too can benefit from the advantages of connecting with God through prayer, etc. Teaching someone how to read and understand the Holy Quran will bring you rewards. Every time your student shares or teaches another his/her mantras, they will each be learning. Be a good person instead of dying someday.

Construction of a Water Well

Imagine living in a place that isn’t able to access purified drinking water. It’s hard enough to obtain the most vital of daily necessities but what if couldn’t access it? It’s difficult to live your life and take care of yourself, or you work in an environment where good hygiene practices are essential (think healthcare). It is even more challenging when you consider that many developing countries don’t have enough resources. That means they rely heavily on international aid which is often not rewarded with anything beyond fame and appreciation.

Participating in the Construction of a Mosque, School, or Hospital

For the greatest rewards, many people of faith give money to mosques or schools. You could also contribute your time and money to help establish an orphanage. This is only one example of the benefits of giving back. Giving back can give you a greater sense of satisfaction than purchasing a product with all the prayer points.

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